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We provide our clients with a complete marketing communication service. We make advertisements, organize events. We communicate offline and online.


Everything that fits on the TV and monitor screen. Pixel or high resolution, black and white or colour, analogue or digital, we always strive to produce the most resonant commercial with the target audience.


We rely on all elements of classic advertising in our campaigns from PR material on the radio, through press and publicity ads, to TV commercials.


Whether it's a luxurious corporate event or a spectacular on-site event, our agency has decades of experience organizing events and experiences for our clients.


The image of a company is vital, so we always start with a thorough situational awareness and complete understanding of our clients. We build our online and offline identity on the personality traits we get to know.

Integrated campaign

We are also the right partner for developing complex, multi-year campaign communication strategies.


We create consumer-centred nationwide promotions, corporate events, online activities centred on the product and target group.


Our team

Hajnal Tamás

Orosz Pál
new business director

Soproni István
event creative director

Dömötör György
director of finance

Udvarev-Tóth Rita
managing director, advertising

Balogh Renáta
client service director

Bartók Noémi
digital director

Nagy László
strategic director/head of copy

Drucker Szilvia
pr director

Berkes László
event team leader

Esküdt Attila
event team leader

Péntek Erika
account team leader

Lénárd György
head of studio/senior AD

Barta Diána
account manager

Monori-Mező Renáta
social media manager

Nagy Máté
senior account manager

Hoffmann Gabriella
senior account manager

Nagy Eszter
senior account manager

Orosz Adrienn
account manager

Papp Zsófia
junior account manager

Sármai Balázs
art director/media designer

Vörös Béla
dtp operator

Hanyecz Márk
senior copywriter

Gáspár Zsolt
senior art director

Veress Zénó
junior art director

Hegedűs Orsolya
digital art director

Baranyi Dániel
senior event manager

Szűcs Tamás
event manager

Tóth Imre
event graphic designer

Szlavicska Edina
junior event manager

Brányi Edina
event manager

Bagyinszki Gyula
senior event manager

Mátyási Zoltán
3D graphic designer

Sipos Dávid
junior event manager

Kovács Míra
junior event manager

Nád Elvira
senior event manager

Takács Zoltán

Vaczkó Réka

Our awards

Golden Drum Shortlist

Golden Blade

Bronze Blade

Effie - gold

Effie - silver

LolliPOP - gold

LolliPOP - silver

LolliPOP - bronze

Prizma - bronze

Poppai - gold

Trade Magazin - gold

Trade Magazin - silver

Trade Magazin - bronze

Hipnózis - silver

Hipnózis - bronze

Employer Branding - silver