Escape Room Challenge

VSS Budapest 2017

For several years now, Vodafone Shared Services Budapest has been organizing database enhancement activities aimed at identifying talented young people in higher education and offering them relevant job offers in the future. To do this, we wanted to develop an activity that allows the client to assess the competencies and strengths of each young applicant at an early stage so that it can contact them in the future on the basis thereof. For this purpose, the ide was clear: the escape rooms that are gaining popularity among young people should be implemented remarkably in the online space. It allowed players to try to solve tasks in 4 different online rooms, and the ten most successful teams could personally show what they know in the unique escape room built at VSS Budapest. And not only did the participants get richer job offers and opportunities, but they were also rewarded with valuable prizes.
The game and VSS Budapest were promoted by corporate events in 4 higher education institutions in Budapest.
In the framework of which people could participate in various activities.
Of course, those participating in hostess activities could also win different custom-made gifts.


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