Smooth operation – same performance from different places

Human Telex 2020

Through its 30-year history, our company has faced many challenges.

Nevertheless, the team of Human Telex carried on with a steadfast and level-headed attitude. We are determined to act the same way during the current health crisis. That is why we made the following decisions:
- Starting from 16 March, our co-workers will work from home for the sake of their own health and for the safety of our society. Any jobs which requires personal attendance will be done with extra precautions.
- We switch to platforms which provide better and smoother options to work online. This way our work can continue without any interruption or difficulty despite the crisis.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we are sure that we can only get through this together. No matter what, we keep looking for solutions and putting extra effort in our job. The team of Human Telex will do everything to maintain the high professional and personal standards our clients and partners are used to.