Hungarian Everest Expedition Sponsorship


After a long preparation and one and a half month of acclimatization phase, the Hungarian Everest Expedition 2017 arrived at its most important task on 23rd May 2017, at 3 am Nepalese time. Dávid Klein and Szilárd Suhajda set off from the base camp on their planned 5-day long journey to reach the highest peak in the world without the use of an oxygen cylinder for the first time in the history of Hungarian mountaineering.

We are proud that Human Telex has also contributed to the extraordinary peak attack attempt of these two brave athletes. Their job required commitment, perseverance, superhuman tolerance, passion, attention, and good decisions in all circumstances. As is our job.

These are the values we also believe in. We believe that every challenge worths a try and we should always strive for do our best. This drives us, and this approach also helps the climbers in their exceptional performance.

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