Arany Ászok 2011-2013

The Arany Ászok brand’s three-year Gold Blade, triple Effie and Lollipop Award winner consumer program, under the skin of Üvegtigris, offered a mug of beer every year at a price of a glass in thousands of pubs! In addition to the basic promise, advertising spots made with popular movie characters and 360-degree communication served to introduce a new product variant and additional promotions, keeping in mind the primary objective of bringing consumers into the hospitality industry.


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Arany Ászok The Cool Beer #arany ászok  # atl  # advertising  # tv spot 
Arany Ászok Frissenszűrt Captain Cool #arany ászok  # atl  # advertising  # tv spot 
Arany Ászok True friendship #arany ászok  # atl  # advertising  # tv spot