True friendship

Arany Ászok 2016

Arany Ászok, which has also been renewed in packaging, launched a different product-focused campaign in the 2016 season. The graphic style of the advertising material refreshed the brand's world, but the message remained unchanged: Arany Ászok is the beer of true friends. As a first step, short TV spots operating with football similes during the European Football Championship broadcast breaks were made to communicate the new packaging. Four image films followed this: Renewal drew attention to the new packaging, Beer-drinking to draft beer and pub consumption, Freedom to box packaging and outdoor activities. In contrast, Holiday drew attention to the lemon flavour, and summer beachfront beer-drinking. Communication was complemented by the so-called citylight design, online campaigning and point of sale advertising.


arany ászok 2017 true friendship branding atl advertising tv spot packaging


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