Pöttyfogó - EYOF

Pöttyös 2017

Young athletes and their fans could participate in the Pöttyös prize game by finding exciting, moving, virtual "pötty" characters such as Konrád Basket, Jenő Judo, Brigi Bicycle, and seven more created according to the competitions at the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Győr in 2017. In all of this, the "Pöttyfogó" application helped them with a map and camera to guide players through the GPS coordinates to the "Pöttyök" located near EYOF competition venues. The characters informed about the sports, led the participants to the competitions and last but not least to the Pöttyös stand, where special programs and guaranteed gifts after the collecting of the "Pöttyök" were also waiting for the visitors.

For extra gifts, EYOF's mascot HUGOO was also available for two hours a day, and an Instagram photo contest was launched with the #pottyfogojatek hashtag.

The application - which was also available in English - was downloaded by 1354 people during the one week of EYOF, and 3637 “Pöttyök” were collected with it.


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