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MOST mobile service 2020

TMX is a mobile service company with a great, international network of partners, and many prestigious references. The firm decided to launch a B2C service named ‘MOST mobilszerviz’ (NOW mobile service), and Human Telex Advertising & Event was responsible for set up the new service concept, develop positioning, slogan, logo and visual guidelines, website and its first online image campaign as well.

Our main tasks were the positioning of the new brand as a professional, reliable service, and the demonstration of its working process and unique selling points (like the door-to-door service, the UV-sterilization or the exclusive usage of original components). Our agency executed that with an online film (and its mutations): it gave a comic relief with the exaggeration of emotional responses to the problem, while it highlighted the simplicity of the solution. We also had to develop a website ( which provided the costumers a prior calculation to their expenses and the opportunity to order MOST’s services online.