Red Beer

Dreher 24 2020

The result of Dreher Sörgyárak’s new, exciting product development is Dreher 24 Vörös Sör (Dreher 24 Red Beer). Human Telex were entrusted to create a digital campaign which generates awareness of the non-alcoholic beverage while it also reflects to the current situation (covid-19). And most of all: it has to urge the customers to try out the product.

Dreher 24 Vörös Sör is for people who would like to get out of their comfort zone even when the stakes are not that high – like choosing a non-alcoholic beer. Based on this message, two online videos were delivered: both showcased an ordinary situation at home but with a funny and cool twist – highly connected to the product.

The filming started when the virus had already reached our country, so we had to work with high security measures, reduced stuff at the location, and constant online supervising. Nevertheless, these inconveniences left no sign on the final outcome.