Human Telex ONE

Digital Experiences

Our company has extended its services with an online event division, named Human Telex ONE. The brand-new department has already managed several successful digital events in the past few months.

The year 2020 has brought explosive increase in the number of online events. Although digitalization of live events is not a new phenomenon, but the era of the home office has accelerated the ongoing trends even more.

However, there were hardly any live events in the past few years without digital extensions like live streaming or social media activities, the entirely online or hybrid events require special expertise: the combination of knowledge on different platforms – e.g.: filming, broadcasting, etc… - and of course, years of experience in classical event management is a must, just like being up-to-date with latest event trends. The success of an online event depends not only on the technical issues, but on delivering engaging content that emotionally involves the audience. Without this high level involvement, we would not be able to achieve our goals.

We combine all of the above-mentioned criteria in Human Telex ONE. Our dedicated professionals through their extensive knowledge base of the most frequently used digital platforms can deliver you exciting, purely online and hybrid events with ensuring all the required technical equipment and digital surfaces.

We already have dozens of successful online events behind our back, mostly but not exclusively with our Clients from the bank sector and service industry. These projects were included several social media live streams, online partner meetups, press and launch events, international conferences with many well-known speakers, detailed and interesting presentations and panel discussions followed by thousands of participants.