Grande Partenza

Giro d'Italia 2022

In 2022, Human Telex won the task of the organization of the Hungarian leg of the world-famous cycling race, the Giro d'Italia. This was none other than the Grande Partenza, i.e. the Great Start, in honor of which half of the country was covered in magenta, and the event attracted a huge audience.

In such a short period of time, we have never had to maintain so many event points at the same time, since although the competition itself was only three days, it affected countless settlements. Not to mention the various announcing, press, and protocol events, which also surrounded the event.

It was a real “Italian job”, bustling, loud, fast-paced, full of life, and fun even in the most difficult moments. Of course, the focus was on speed: where the cyclists were trying to catch up with each other, where we were trying to catch up with ourselves.

For many of us, organizing the Giro d'Italia remains one of our most cherished memories.